Born on March 27, 1954
Village Draganeshti, Singerei, Moldova


1971-1987 Art college "A.Plamadeala", Chisinau, Moldova, Moscow Polygraphic Institute, Russia
1990 Member of Arts Union of Moldova
1996 Member of International Association of Art IAA-AIAP UNESCO


1978-1983 Republican exhibitions, Chisinau, Moldova
1983-1986 Group exhibitions, Chisinau, Moldova
1986-1993 Republican exhibitions, Chisinau, Moldova
1993 Personal exhibitions, Chisinau, Moldova
1995 Group exhibition "Delta-95", Chisinau, Moldova
1996 Group exhibition "Tescani-96", Bacau, Romania
1997 Personal exhibition, Chisinau, Moldova
1999 Group exhibition, Bratislava "BIB 1999"
2000 Personal exhibition, Strasbourg, France
2000 Group exhibition, Hiroko-Mori, Japan
2001 Group exhibition, Bratislava "BIB 2001"
2002 Group exhibition, Moghilev, Belarus
2002 Personal exhibition, Chisinau, Moldova
2003 Personal exhibition, Warszawa, Poland
2004 Personal exhibition, Strasbourg, France
2005 Group exhibition, Chisinau, Moldova
2006 Personal exhibition, Chisinau, Moldova
2007 Personal exhibition, Vilnius, Lithuania
2008 Personal exhibitions, Klaipeda, Lithuania
2010 Personal exhibitions, West Palm Beach, USA

Works in State collections:

Chisinau Museum of Literature
Art Museum, Chisinau, Moldova
Art Museum, Tulcea, Romania
Art Museum, Bacau, Romania
House-museum "George Enescu", Tescani, Romania
National Art Museum, Moghilev, Belarus

Works in private collections:

Moldova, Romania, Italy, France, Sweden, Israel, Russia, Poland, Canada, Greece, Czech Republic, Turkey, USA, German, Lithuania its
Art Museum, Chisinau, Moldova

Book illustration:

More than fifty books for children and adults


Water-color, graphic arts, pastel...
tempera, coal...

Who and what does define an artist, how express an inexplicability, when you possess such allies?

Satiated cover slides evenly over routine and boredom.
Creative cover filters impulses of living color range.
A cover-judge fixes records of all hues and renders them a laudatory gladness...

Galvanization of forms takes place at a high Level of spiritual temperatures...
Globe of membrane is enlarging, the Universe bursts and transforms very strangely and mysteriously. He becomes antique and modern simultaneously, Alfa-impressionist and Beta-textualist in one Mona Lisa's leg, in one wing of dragon-fly having read in the Halley's Telescope...
Spirituality synthesizes cosmic parcels of fulfilments and desires, carries out selection of confrontation of memory of pinacothecae, fixing them on deceptive canvases, crucifying crystallography on offset paper...
It is a vain suffering, until an imp-magician is in papaverous citadels.
In spite of this, foredoomed to the beautiful eternally stunned chronograph of spiritual landscapes seeks after the other arguments constantly, to form his own theory of the individualism in color unity.

Water-color, drawing, pastel...
A tormented bone has been saturated with blood...

Everything fixes very scrupulously, because a brush is growing scanty in a due course, ray of eye fatally is loosing an acuity, beet imaginary space forestalls any reserves and, Oh, is coming an inexorable knock of countdown, which brings only emptiness after...
What has been selected and read from Amalgam, from this sole, mysterious and unique life or the Holy Trinity?!!
Is it the "Codru" of Eminescu, the forest-deer of Nicolae Labis, the Cinderella of Andersen? A fragment of strolling melancholy, which scratches violently the window of memory?
Maybe forefathers' rains collected into a huge ancient pupil, opening now and then over the Carpathian summits, pouring us to great-grandchildren's skin, to estranged Bucovina, to White Fortress'.

In any event it is time for publishing of books and catalogues, time for personal exhibitions in halls of prestigious museums. Bravo, maestro!
I believe you were still fresh in your village of Draganesti in Singera, among cosmic looks of Big Snail. Have you found a rainbow finally, which leads to the papaverous strounghold of your own Planet?

11 January 1997
Ion Hadarca